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About Dr. Cassandra Granade

Dr. Cassandra Granade brings almost twenty years of quantum computing expertise to work for you.


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About Working with Dual Space Solutions


If you contact Dual Space Solutions via e-mail, please be aware that unless you use PGP/GPG to encrypt your message, your e-mail may be transmitted and/or stored in plaintext. A PGP/GPG key for cgranade@dual-space.solutions with fingerprint 83E6B87C3BA952AD6A4811C541BF859980900C41 is available from standard keyservers. Some e-mail providers, such as Proton Mail, will automatically handle message encryption on your behalf, or you can configure your e-mail client manually to use this key.

If you would prefer to communicate via an end-to-end messaging service such as Signal or Matrix, please first reach out via e-mail to exchange contact information, after which we can continue the conversation via encrypted messaging.

Depending on the nature of your consulting needs, you may wish to share documents and notes with us. If you do so via encrypted e-mail or end-to-end encrypted messaging services, these documents will be protected in transit.